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Rating the Environmental Impact
of Electricity Products


What is the Power Scorecard?*
The Power Scorecard helps consumers assess the environmental impact of different types of electric generation.

Wind turbines in a field of wildflowers  

Why is your choice important?
Your choice is important because you can direct the dollars you spend on electricity to cleaner, less polluting supplies. Most electricity comes from coal, nuclear reactors, and large hydropower facilities.

Pollution from a coal-fired electric plant.  Photo courtesy National Renewable Energy Laboratory.   Electricity and the environment
Different ways of producing electricity have vastly different impacts on our environment. Click here to find out the facts about the impacts of coal, gas, nuclear, solar, wind and other electricity sources...

Reduce your energy consumption
The cleanest kilowatt is the one never used! Check out these tips to help you reduce your use of electricity and your impact on the environment...

*The Power Scorecard reflects the collective exercise of expert judgement by the sponsoring organizations, based on its interpretation of available data and assessment of its accuracy and reliability, and application of state-of-the-art techniques in the identification and quantification of environmental impacts of electric power generation technologies. The Power Scorecard ratings appearing on this website may be based on assumptions made by the sponsoring organizations as to the composition, fuel sources, technologies, and associated environmental attributes of particular products where such information is unknown to or has not been provided by the supplier, and where such information is not publicly available. However, every effort is made to validate the information used in rating products with supplier.
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