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About the Web Site Designers:

The Baseline Institute seeks to utilize the potential of Internet based educational and reference tools to encourage consumers to use the market power of their purchase decisions to promote sustainable economic and environmental progress. The Internet infrastructure provided will harness latent green market power by supplying consumers and investors with objective information on the environmental consequences of their purchase and investment decisions.

The first comprehensive project to use this framework and application is this Power ScorecardTM site, sponsored by the Pace Energy Project, and designed to enable more people to choose “green” or environmentally preferred sources for their electric power needs.

The Power Scorecard is the result of countless hours of dedicated labor on the part of many individuals from public and private organizations throughout the U.S. These people contributed many hours, in addition to their already significant responsibilities, to the creation of the Power Scorecard rating tool and the design of the web site that makes it available to the public.

In particular,we would like to thank the following individuals and organizations who contributed significantly to the creation of the web site.

  • For donation of photographs for use on the web site:
    • The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Annapolis, MD
    • John and Donna Gates of "Glimpses by Gates" Photography, Roscoe, PA

  • For ColdFusion programming and database design:
    • Sierra Bufe
    • Thorn Roby

  • For hardware expertise:
    • Kyle Stonacek

  • For user interface and site design:
    • Sheila Schneider

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