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how does a circuit breaker finder work

How Does a Circuit Breaker Finder Work? (Answered)

Circuit breaker finders are innovative tools that can help you with the ...

how hot should a circuit breaker get

How Hot Should A Circuit Breaker Get? Get Facts Here!

Circuit breakers are essential devices in electrical systems, responsible for preventing potential ...

what to do if my breaker keeps tripping with nothing plugged in

What to Do if My Breaker Keeps Tripping With Nothing Plugged in?

Circuit breakers are an integral part of any electrical system, as they ...

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how to bypass a ballast

How to Bypass a Metal Halide Ballast? – A Detailed Guide

Metal halide lighting is widely used in indoor and outdoor …

magnetic ballast vs electronic ballast

Magnetic Ballast vs Electronic Ballast: Differences & Comparison

When it comes to lighting systems, ballasts play a crucial …

how to test a ballast resistor with a multimeter

How to Test a Ballast Resistor With a Multimeter? – 4 Steps

Ballast resistors are an essential component of the ignition system …

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What is the Power Scorecard?

The Power Scorecard helps consumers assess the environmental impact of different types of electric generation.

Why is your choice important?

Your choice is important because you can direct the dollars you spend on electricity to cleaner, less polluting supplies. Most electricity comes from coal, nuclear reactors, and large hydropower facilities.

Electricity and the environment

Different ways of producing electricity have vastly different impacts on our environment. Click here to find out the facts about the impacts of coal, gas, nuclear, solar, wind and other electricity sources…

Reduce your energy consumption

The cleanest kilowatt is the one never used! Check out these tips to help you reduce your use of electricity and your impact on the environment…